At a time when people are trying to save money, Ramadevi is trying to help them do just that with

Those who enjoy shopping online can save the maximum amount of money through the website cash back bonus system. Just by shopping at their favorite online shop trhough, they’re able to receive a percentage of what they spent as a cash back bonus. However, those that prefer in store shopping can also save money through the use of printable coupons.

Tell us a little about

The idea behind the website is to help fellow Americans save the maximum possible on their shopping everyday in the current depressing economic situation. What is more, we can all help our friends and relatives save money on their shopping by spreading the word about

What inspired you to create the website?

I have always been using coupons to save money on my shopping and have also used credit cards that offer cash back on the spend through the card. I thought it will be wonderful to combine both the coupons and the cash back in one website and make it convenient for everyone to maximize the savings on their shopping.

What are some of the more popular shops your visitors seem to frequent through your cash back program? What % does each program offer back?

The stores / sites most popular with our visitors are:

  • Walmart – 5.4% cash back
  • Macy’s – 10.8% cash back
  • – 40.5% cash back
  • Best Buy – 2.7% cash back
  • – 8.1% cash back

After one of your members have made a purchase, how long does it take, on average, for them to receive their cash back bonus?

Depending on the store / website, the cash back is credited to the member’s account within 2 – 30 days of their purchase and they are able to withdraw this money from their account 90 days after the purchase date provided they have at least $10 in their account.

Besides cash back incentives, what else does your website have to offer?

The other most popular feature of our website is the lifetime referral rewards where members can refer others to our website and get a referral reward which is equal to 10% of the cash back earned by their referrals. This amount can really add up big. Printable coupons which can be used in your neighborhood stores and the exclusive special offers we have are also popular with our members.

What goals would you like to reach with within the next year or so?

We would like MyDealsAndCoupons to become the starting point for any online shopping activity by our members. We also hope to have a member base of at least 100,000 active shoppers within a year which will help us negotiate better commissions with our partner stores and further increase the cash back we can offer to our members.

How long did it take for you to build your your website from idea to launch?

It took us almost a year of development work.

Do you have any previous experience that helped guide you in this start up?

I worked for a coupons website earlier and this experience was very helpful for me.

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