What To Do With Your Old Blogs

photo credit: gadl

If your starring at a pile of older blogs that either just didn’t quite make the cut or maybe they were posted but didn’t get very much response, your probably wondering what you should do with them all. Most peoples first thought would be to file 13 them  in the trash can, but below are some other options that may be of better use as suggested on Men With Pens.

You have a few different options at this crossroad, you could always re-read them and figure out some areas that you can improve on or otherwise edit them to sound better and more informational. You could also combine a bunch of them that are regarding similar topics to create one big blog that would be a good read.

You could delete the post and re-use the same topic in your current line of postings. This lets you start from scratch, but it does leave you with that hole in your history I mentioned earlier (not to mention a loss of link love you might have accumulated). If you only have a few posts that you want to update, though, and they didn’t get a lot of love, this may not be a bad idea.

What do you do with all of your old blogs?

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