Easing The Pain Of Layoffs

photo credit: stefano ricciardi

Obviously no business owner really WANTS to get to the point where they need to lay off some people, however, in today’s economy it is very possible that most business owners if not all of them will face that hardship at some point. So below are a few key tips on helping to ease the pain of layoffs recently found on Entrepreneur.com.

Go one-on-one. Canavan recommends notifying affected workers of the decision in private before the word is out. “They should be told in a respectful manner, behind closed doors,” he says. “Allow them to take the news and figure out what they’re going to do with it before they have to face their co-workers.”

Allow the affected employees to give their goodbyes to their fellow co-workers. Most companies have the policy that they are to leave immediately and quietly, however, this really isn’t necessary given they didn’t do anything wrong, so let them say goodbye to their friends at work first.

After all the lay offs are said and done, don’t make the mistake of forgetting about the remaining workers that you have. With fewer people at work this will put a strain on the one’s left, remember to keep thing’s running smoothly and provide help to the workers left when needed.



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