Second Life: Where shoes can become hats
photo credit: Torley

If you are a business that has recently switched to a new and what you consider to be a better business name, then you should know that simply switching the company name is not enough. You have to actually get out there and promote this new name, as suggested on BrandingStrategyInsider.

Be sure to start using the new company name as soon as possible, this will begin the process of people and other companies switching their information over to the new name you have chosen. Don’t forget to let your existing and potential customer’s know of this new name. Send out flyers, put up a banner outside of the company, etc to promote the new name.

Don’t just sneak the name out. Let the media know the reasons and background for switching names. Here’s the kind of statement we encourage: “Our new name suggests the innovative, interactive and dynamic qualities of a company poised for growth.

What did you do to get the word out about your name switch?

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