Upgrading Your Computer

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Anyone who owns a computer wether it be a laptop or desktop know’s that eventually they face the fact of having to upgrade their computer. Most people find this to be a very hair pulling out situation, especially those who are not computer savvy. So, OpenForum recently did an article on some thing’s to remember when upgrading so that it goes smoother for you.

Hosted applications are the way to go. Increasingly, much of the applications I use are all hosted. Video (Blip.tv), Backup (Carbonite), Photo’s (Flickr), Email (hosted Exchange) and I could go on. There are some programs I still must have locally installed on my computer – like Microsoft Office 2007 and Symantec Anti Virus 2009. The fewer applications you need to reinstall the easier it is to migrate from one computer to the next.

Think about going with one computer type. This will eliminate extra software and many other hassels of dealing with more than one known computer type. Remember how important backup is for your computer, you don’t want to do all the upgrading work and then loose it all because you forgot to back it all up.

Be careful when your upgrading your windows program. There are many things that may interfere with the applications of windows and you could end up crashing your computer in the long run.

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