Work with the boundaries
photo credit: kevindooley

In business there comes a time when we have to put certain policies and boundaries into effect, but how do you go about this in a nice manner that doesn’t upset someone? Most managers have a fear right off the bat that trying to implement boundaries and policies will be their next nightmare.

However, Alicias Plog has made a list of some ways that you can set these boundaries nicely and not upset your customers. Have a general policy page. Yes there will be people who will want different services or items offered to them in a different format, different color, size, etc. You may accept different terms for say special clients, but as a general rule you should not accomodate everyone’s wishes.

Here’s the thing: there’s always going to be a tiny percentage of people who want you to customize and accommodate them. But let them go play somewhere else. Because what happens when you stick to your guns is that you honor your value, your time, and your self-respect.

Above all else, make sure that you are fair to each and every client you have. Make all of your boundaries and policies known to each and every one of them so that there is no jealousy amongst your clients at the end of the day.

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