giant stack of resumes
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If you are just entering the work force or even just getting ready to make a change in your career, i’m sure you know that you will need to update or write a new resume. Most people dread the thought of doing their resume, however, it really is not as bad as most of us tend to make it out to be. Below are a few thoughts to keep in mind when doing your resume located on EntranceSoftware.

  •     Rather than using a typical cover letter, make it worth the readers time to view it. Make it stand out to where they get excited to read the actual resume.
  •     One of the biggest pet peeves of interviewers is making their way through a resume that is loaded with errors, so make sure you proof read it and check for not only spelling but grammar as well.
  •     Interviewers tend to receive many resumes for one job opening, so when they are scanning throuhg the pile to narrow it down right off the bat, don’t give them a stand out reason to discard your’s.
  • In general, remember that you want to stand out from all the other resumes. A typical job advertisement will result in dozens (if not many more) resumes being submitted. In addition to following my tips, try to find additional ways to make your resume unique and appealing based on the job for which you are applying.

What other tips on writing a resume can you offer?

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