Franchise Key:

Vom Fass AG from Waldburg am Bodensee believes that its franchise network will continue to grow internationally this year.

According to information provided by the company, it is planning to launch its system in countries such as Spain, Russia, Canada and Taiwan. The franchise currently has franchisees in 18 countries around the world. Last year, Vom Fass AG succeeded in opening up many new foreign locations with new businesses opening their doors to the public in Warsaw and Lodz in Poland, Aarhus and Veije in Denmark, Bucharest in Romania, Riga in Latvia, Bergamo in Italy, Prague in the Czech Republic, Neuchatel, Montreux and Lausanne in Switzerland, Klagenfurt in Austria, Windsor in the UK, Besancon in France as well as in Singapore. Two new branches have already opened up this year in the German city of Dresden as well as in Gent in Belgium.