This is a guest post by Yogev lifchin

A lot of people have a strong sense of failure with their network marketing companies because they do not see the results they aspire to.

Statistics show, that when it comes to network marketing companies, 97% don’t make enough income to cover for their expander.

“Failing” distributers feel inadequate when they see top producers from their network marketing companies step up on stage every week and share their “easy-to-do” team success.

They do whatever they learn from their network marketing companies’ trainings, and check their goal list every single day!

They call their prospects, show the plan, but from some reasons people don’t join their network marketing companies!

How can that be?

Could it be that success with network marketing companies is strictly for the “Blessed ones”?

Network marketing companies need….Marketers!

I want to share a little known “secret” you got to take into mind when you join up network marketing companies.

Most MLM Newbi’s came from the traditional JOB world, and they never dealt with marketing issues in the sense a private business owner,

(or network marketing companies for that matter).

When it comes to network marketing companies, It is a fat common lie that everyone can succeed at this business and build a large working down line with straight off the bat, having no type of experience with Marketing skills.

They don’t call network marketing companies “Network Marketing Companies” for nothing.

Marketing is an issue that must be mastered & practiced for a time of between 1-5 years at least in order to succeed in business.

Very Few people would join you & your network marketing companies based only on your good looks, or “Amazing compensation plan”.

Imagine this: big multi-million corporation hold a huge Marketing division so they can deliver their productservice to as many people as they can.

It is true that in network marketing companies you leverage the efforts & productivity of your down lines. But it still comes back that when you work with network marketing companies YOU are the marketing division.

It is kind of a soloTeam work. Especially visible with network marketing companies who still use the “Breakaway” compensation plan.

Network marketing companies are a legit business like any other. They are corporations & when you team up with network marketing companies YOU are the distributer! Your network marketing companies will not sell the products, YOU WILL.

You need to be a good marketer in order to sell the products & business & make an honest living with network marketing companies.

Network Marketing companies – good news & bad news

The Bad news is that once you joined the network marketing companies world, you MUST become a better marketer. This may take time & effort & a lot of bruises. You will have to use every resource your network marketing companies have to offer. Sometimes you will need to seek outside resources from your network marketing companies and find real experts & info on this field.

(Do whatever it takes to find marketing knowledge)

The Good news is that network marketing companies will be really patient with you. They’ll say: Take the beating, take the learning curve; eventually you will learn by action how to become a better marketer.

A common phrase with network marketing companies is that MLM is not a “get rich quick plan”, it is a “get rich quick-er plan”.

Than for this matter, working with network marketing companies is not a ” become a marketer quick plan” it is a “become a marketer quick-er plan”.

Photo by clairity