Bad Tendancies Of Small Business Owners

photo credit: kevindooley

Spending as much time as our firm does with Small Business owners, you begin to see traits and/or tendencies that are identifiers. At the end of the day, there are two very different approaches taken by those in charge when it comes to the progress and sustainability of their companies. Here are some ideas that can be detrimental to a companies growth.

  •      Stop always relying on the fact that you’ve done it one way for years and made money, what if another new way could make you more money?
  •      Rather than hiring someone because they have the most potential (which is a nice thought) hire the one with the most experience.
  •      Don’t make the mistake of keeping our employees in the background as far as the company work’s is concerned because you think they cant comprehend how everything work’s around there.
  •      Giving meaniless work to employees so their not just sitting around on the clock, give them something worth their time otherwise they may think that your trying to let them know that’s all you think they are capable of doing.

What can you add to this list of mistakes?

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