Pet Lovers Can Pamper Their Fuzzy Friends And Make Money Too

Just like any parent, when you get pet parents together they are going to chat about what they love most, their pets! The topic might be the best shampoo or the best place to shop for their products, but if you get together a few Shure Pets consultants, the topic is likely to be about business.

Shure Pets gives pet lovers the opportunity to use a quality product and make a profit from it at the same time. Through their direct sales opportunity many individuals, like Sonya Lovine, have been able to work the hours that are most convenient for them and give their pets a party only they could enjoy.

Tell us a little about Shure Pets.

Shure Pets is the proud category innovator and nation’s leader in the distribution of pet products through independent sales representatives, known as Pet Consultants, and the hosting of at-home Pet Parties. By offering an exclusive product line, enjoyable business opportunities and a social network for pet lovers, Shure Pets’ direction reflects today’s nationwide passion for pets, their health and happiness. The vision of Shure Pets is simple. A pet products company which offers a wide variety of merchandise through a loyal family of Pet Consultants that is truly knowledgeable and passionate about animals. Each Pet Consultant is able to participate at a level in accordance to his/her personal circumstances. Shure Pets’ Consultants are given the opportunity to develop their own business and are also given the freedom to be their own boss.

How long have you been a consultant?

I have been a Shure Pets consultant for six months now. I learned about Shure Pets at the end of 2007, when a lady I met (via my dog Pepsi’s My Space page) began selling Shure Pets. She spoke very highly of the products, and I purchased an item to help support her endeavors. Soon after that, another lady I met from our My Space friends also started selling Shure Pets, so I purchased another item at this time to support her as well. I was completely pleased with what I bought each time (a shampoo and foaming cleanser) and I continued to buy items sporadically. I also received a gift or two from each of these ladies – so I was slowly but surely introduced to a variety of Shure Pets products over time, and was very happy with everything I received.

What are some of your top products?

The products sold vary from person to person, since it depends on what a pet owner needs on any given day! Its best to bring the entire catalog so potential customers can look through it and find items that they like. I’ve found the foaming cleansers, shampoos, soaps, for pets to be quite popular, along with treats such as Big Bone, Pup’s Pizzas, Kitty Shrimp Cock-tail, etc.

This is the full product list:

· Health and Beauty: Proprietary products include natural and organic Aromutt Therapy Shampoo, Paramount Foaming Cleanser, Paramount
· Medicated Shampoo/Lotion
· Gifts: Raised Dog Bowls, Stoneware bread specific Mugs
· Pet Apparel: Collars & Leashes
· Treats/Toys: Dog & Cat teats, all natural treats
· Activities: Dog & Cat Scrapbooks, games
· Pet Beds: Indoor/Outdoor and Travel

What was it about Shure Pets that won you over?

In December of 2008, one of the two ladies mentioned above was extremely kind and generous, signing me up as a Shure Pets consultant as a birthday gift to me! My first thought was, “where will I find the time to squeeze in an additional job?!” But this dear women convinced me that I can do it.. and I have! At first, a few months went by before my first party.

Since I joined in December, a lot of people were partied out with the winter holidays and New Year parties. But shortly thereafter, a neighbor of mine came up to me and said she wanted to throw a Shure Pets Party! I was excited that she had been reading my emails that I sent regarding my new adventure. A few weeks later, we held my first party. I was very fortunate because I was surrounded by a group of neighbors and friends who wanted to see me succeed. I was a bit nervous as this was my first time I had ever done anything like this before, but two ladies on my team were very supportive and coached me and provided great ideas and tips. Even other Shure Pets consultants I had never met chimed in and gave me great suggestions for games to play and icebreakers at the party.

How does someone become a consultant? What are the requirements?

To get started, consultants can visit to learn more information about the company. There are two kits to get started, either the basic kit for $149.00 or the special economic stimulus kit for $99.00. To locate a personal consultant in your neighborhood and to find out about upcoming parties, visit It’s very easy to get started!

What do you enjoy the most about being a Shure Pets consultant?

I would say some of the biggest advantages about being a consultant and hosting pupperware parties is that you get to set your own schedule and have great flexibility; you get to have fun sharing your passion and love of animals with others while still collecting a paycheck – because the products are high-quality, its generally an easy sale; there is satisfaction in knowing that you are selling quality products all for the purpose of improving an animal’s health, well-being, and happiness. Lastly, I have made some good friends by being in this business. Its also fun to see the hostesses get excited about their parties especially because they know they’re going to be earning free products and half-priced products! And, for the consultants there are also great bone-uses available – meaning, the harder you’re willing to work, the more Shure Pets perks you will receive.

What lessons have you learned during your time in direct sales?

Its important to have fun even while you’re working. If you enjoy what you do, you will be continuously energized and motivated to work harder. Additionally, your excitement in your product will bubble over to your customers – therefore being one of your most important sales tools that you can possess.

Another lesson learned was to believe in myself. It sounds very cliche, but its probably one of the most important lessons to learn when starting your own business.. Again, when I first started working with Shure Pets, I didn’t think I could take on one more thing and do well at it. But once I signed on, that was my commitment to Shure Pets that I had to figure out how to be successful, for myself primarily, but also for the company. I learned all I could about the products, figured out that I had to improve my time management skills and become more organized, and as a result of being focussed and positive, I have managed to contribute to my personal successes and contribute to Shure Pets as well. Lessons learned: believe in yourself and have fun with it, too!

Do you have any goals that you would like to achieve in the next year or so?

Well as I mentioned, Shure Pets offers some great sales rewards to their pet consultants for working hard. My long, long-term goal is to earn the weekend trip to New York City to see the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! That would be my dream vacation! My more realistic and immediate goals for the next year, however, are more personal and hopefully more attainable. I always seek ways to better my life, and I see Shure Pets as a means to someday not have to work my other part-time job. To free up my weekends from working my second job would be very meaningful to me – the steps I need to take to achieve that is to consistently have my calendar filled with pet parties, which are so much fun you actually forget that you’re working!

What advice do you have for those who might be interested in joining Shure Pets as a consultant?

1. Don’t be nervous! Everyone who is at the party is there because they WANT to learn about what you have for sale.

2. Keep the parties brief – an hour to an hour and a half. That’s the extent of people’s attention span when it comes to direct sales like this.

3. Think beyond just the guests at your party! Have a simultaneous catalog party for those folks who couldn’t make it to your party. Pass around the catalog to friends and co-workers for additional sales!

Success will follow if you believe in the product you’re selling. Convey a positive attitude, think outside the box when you’re considering who to market to and be honest and forthright. Learn as much as you can about the details and/or ingredients behind the products, have face-to-face conversations with people about the products you’re selling – it’s oftentimes more effective than email. Touch everyone that you meet in your day with Shure Pets products – those you least expect to become a customer may very well surprise you. Be personable, knowledgeable and friendly, and this business will be good to you!

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