Work At Home Mom Finds A Creative Way To Re-Gift With Her Business

For work-at-home mom, Preya Shivdat saving a buck or two is always on her mind. That’s why she started sharing her idea of “gift swapping” with a few friends and a new money saving Web site,

“I usually have a reserve closet with items I find on sale or overflowing with toys that my kids receive for birthdays and holidays,” said Shivdat “I wanted to find a way to make use of the items without donating or throwing them out so I started swapping with friends when they had birthday parties to attend. This system has saved us hundreds of dollars every year.”

Shivdat continues to save money while still enjoying gift giving on a budget and without the embarrassment of re-gifting.

At members join for Free and swap new gifts with others that have an upcoming gift-giving event. The goal is for members to join the online “Swap Meet” with others in their local area. The message boards enable members to share their need for a new gift for an upcoming event, such as children’s birthday parties, bridal showers or even a housewarming.

Image from The Gift Swap

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