June 2009

Learning A Success Lesson

By Jez Davison – nebusiness.co.uk: After two false starts in manufacturing and teaching, James Stairmand is up and running in the world of franchising. For someone who ditched his classroom duties four years ago, James Stairmand is still doing a gold star job of being a teacher. The Drain Doctor franchisee and former technology tutor […]

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Parents Testify In Wrongful Death Suit Against McDonald’s Franchisee

Tampabay.com: The best moments of Anthony Makowski’s life were projected onto a video screen Monday inside Courtroom B of the Pasco County Courthouse. His parents, choking on their grief, described the family photos. Anthony, small and blond, wearing a cone-shaped birthday hat. Anthony fishing with his dad. Anthony singing the national anthem at a high

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Niche Biz: Ficklets

For most kids, wearing eyeglasses for the first time can be a traumatic and unpleasant experience. Further adding to their anxiety is the limited selection of frames available for today’s youngsters in the marketplace; the frames are basic, standard, uninteresting, bland and lack personality, and leave very little to the imagination. As any stylish mom

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Managing Customer Reviews

photo credit: Mindsay Mohan In business one of the things that needs some attention often is that of customer reviews. While this may not be every one’s favorite part of their job, it is a part of their job that will always be there. I recently found some helpful tips on managing your companies reviews

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