Are You Being Paid For Your Time

In Search Of Lost Time
photo credit: bogenfreund

In a world today where companies are downsizing right and left and employees are out looking for more secure and better jobs, we all must ask the question of if we are truly getting paid for our time at work and all the little thing’s we do during our day.

The problem is that there’s no cost difference to the HR department between getting 10 people to take an online course versus getting 10,000 to take it. And in an atmosphere of fear and cutbacks, the trend in the corporate world is to make more of these “cheap,” “global” requests and put ever more burdens on the individual office worker: more policies, more training, more announcements. To the requester, sending that mass email email is easy. The hard part falls to the requestee.

Think back on what you were hired for within your company, and over the years think about all the tasks and projects that have now been added to your duties and think about your salary, has it increased in direct proportion with all that you now do?

Harvard Business recently suggested that that time equals money, and if you are being handed these “cheap email” requests that are in deed taking up your time, then you should definitely be compensated for that.

What are your thoughts on really being paid for your time?

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