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photo credit: Todd Huffman

One of the biggest problems today is the number of uninsured individuals in this country. Many small businesses can not even afford to offer insurance to their employees because of the cost, which in turn makes it impossible for the individual to afford it on their own as well.

Larger insurance companies are switching over nicely on their policies such as that of Cigna who is offering insurance to those with pre existing conditions as well as no longer basing their prices on a person’s health. However, it was recently discussed in The New York Times that some insurance agencies such as Wellpoint who handles a lot of Blue Cross policies is refusing to change the way they provide insurance to smaller businesses.

Much of the Congressional talk about health care has not yet focused on what federal oversight, if any, might be necessary for the small-business market. Proposals before the Senate Finance Committee seem to envision the same kind of rules for both the individual and small-business markets. And some House members seem to lean in that direction, too.

What are your thoughts on health coverage for small businesses?