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Sales Development & Performance, LLC announced today it is introducing Direct Sales Blueprintâ„¢ to help direct sales people (B2C) improve sales performance. The Direct Sales Blueprintâ„¢ is a personalized skill development system designed to systematically improve core selling skills and performance.

“Having access to highly-personalized professional training resources is a positive breakthrough for direct sellers and the entire B2C community. While there are many similarities between B2B and B2C selling, selling to consumers today requires specialized skills in the sales essentials; interpersonal communications, qualifying, dealing with objections and closing,” he added. The Direct Sales Blueprintâ„¢ combines these essentials with superior performance principles to form the Blueprint development process.

There are an estimated 18 million direct sales representatives in the U.S. which generate over $30 billion in annual sales. In this economy, commission-only sales positions are in higher demand because companies are looking to cut costs while sales people still need to make commissions in order to earn a living.

Since most direct sales people work part time, there is limited time available for core selling activities. Hence, developing strong selling skills is critical in order to optimize selling effectiveness and efficiency. Increasing skill and performance capability is also improtant to survive the tough economy and be prepared to perform when things get better. The Direct Sales Blueprintâ„¢ offers direct sellers a professional development program that is customized to the unique needs of direct sales individuals and organizations.

Using the power of Performance-Based Learningâ„¢ (PBL), students are enrolled in a unique training process which is driven by Deliberate Practice activities. Deliberate Practice is a research-proven training process specifically designed to improve performance.

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