Process Peak, a San Diego-based company, creates fully customizable virtual brochures for franchisors to take prospective franchisees through their entire sales process, while also providing a pipeline management platform that incorporates prospect feedback and confirmation along every step of the way. This collaborative platform is designed to yield qualified ready-to-buy franchisees in 30 to 60 days.

As an executive in franchising for more than 23 years, Mark Franklin has worked for international brands such as Money Mailer, Souper Coups and Service Brands International. His extensive knowledge in franchise sales and marketing lead him to start Process Peak, in 2003.

Franklin has dabbled in every aspect of the franchise industry as a franchisor, franchisee and a service provider. His vision was to simplify and improve the franchise sales process by addressing the challenges in implementing objective, process-driven best practices to qualify and award franchises.

“At Process Peak we provide a truly unique experience for both the franchisor and prospective franchisee,” said Franklin. “We’ve received rave reviews from everyone involved in the franchise awarding process from executives to sales representatives, and even the actual candidates themselves!” Full article.