Ways That People Respond To Content

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A recent guest post by Rajesh Setty describe the different ways that people tend to respond to one’s content. We all wonder after writing content who will actually read it, who will leave a comment, who is going to subscribe to the blog and so on. Below are some of the most commone ways that your readers will respond to your content.

  •        Spam. If your content does not prove to be worth their time in reading it, people will generally mark it as spam.
  •        Scanning. Alot of people either dont have time to read an entire article, or they just plain don’t want to, so they scan it assuming there are only few important points that they need to read.
  •        Stopping. You have successfully gotten your reader to read the entire article and they were moved or touched by it in some way and are now taking a moment to think about what they just read.
  • Subscribe: This is the ultimate expression of engagement and a vote of confidence that you will continue to provide great content. When the reader wants to continue listening to your thoughts, he or she will subscribe.

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