Don't Worry, Be Mappy
photo credit: MastaBaba

Control. Don’t let your controlling nature get in the way of growing your business. Delegate work to others and let them make decisions. Let go.

Mellow Business recently posted an article on numerous things internet business related that a lot of people stress over when there’s really no cause to do so. After reading this article a lot of them really made sense as to why they just shouldn’t matter or at least not as much as people make them matter. Why drive ourselves crazy over the little unimportant thing’s when we should concentrate on the big important thing’s?

Here is a short list of some of the thing’s that you really ought to just let go of.

  • Making everything business-like. Some online applications and tools can be used for just fun, there are other uses of the internet than just business.
  • Perfection. This is a big one, no one and nothing is perfect, so stop driving yourself crazy trying to be because you will never get there.
  • What could happen. Why care about what may or may not happen, worry about what is happening right now.
  • Sucking the profit dry. Just because you could charge more for a service or product doesn’t always mean you should, think about the customers and their needs and experience with you before you change prices.

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