Avoiding The “New Shiny Object” Syndrome

Apple Aluminum MacBook (Late 2008)
photo credit: William Hook

Today social media is growing like crazy, with all sorts of new tools, applications and sites going up everyday, it’s hard to figure out which one’s you should belong to with your business and which ones you shouldn’t. Andy Sernovitz  just worte an article regarding this very topic and how you can avoid falling into every new site that comes along, also known as the “new shiny object” syndrome.

Ask yourself if your customers or even if the customers you hope to add in the future are even on that site to begin with before you become a part of it. If the type of people you are going for isn’t on there, they why join it?

Make sure that it’s a site that you can become a part of and stay a part of. Is it a great place to start a new good relationship at?

Can we do it well? Success in a new social media space requires commitment, so always consider the resources required for a new community and how it may affect your relationship with fans elsewhere.

What do you think of all the new social media?

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