How To Start Your Own Home-Based Online Business

Are you thinking about starting your own online business? has a few pieces of advice that you might find handy.

1. Flexibility? Yes! Easy? No! – One of the biggest myths of starting your own business is that if you have a great idea, it will come easy. While being your own boss allows you to ditch the commute and work the hours you choose, you should assume that you will be spending as much time on your mompreneurship, as you did your “real” job.

2. Prepare for the Long Haul: Think of your business almost like raising a child. In the beginning it will be exhausting, frustrating, and you will definitely find yourself questioning yourself at some point.

3. It’s a Labor of Love: It may sound obvious, but make sure you’re passionate about the business you’re starting…if you don’t love your business, it’s hard to assume your customers will too.

4. Ask for Help: Take advantage of local small business programs, government tax breaks, and even industry experts who typically maintain blogs and newsletters for offering advice.

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