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Keep a tidy site: Take as much pride in your Web site as you would a company newsletter or direct mailing. Your content should be grammatically correct and use an appropriate tone. Your links should work. Your pages should be neat.

If you are a small business who is looking to expand to a website to further reaching out to your customers, then there are a few indications you need to include that your customers are most definitely going to look for when they log onto your site.

  • Make sure you obtain a domain name that makes sense and fits your business to begin with.
  • Be sure to have a very competent design. If you are not exactly computer savvy, you may want to think about getting someone to help design your site for you, as Small Business Trends recently stated.
  • Include an “about us” page. Your customers want to read a little history on you and your company before they do business with you. They want to know what you are all about and what you stand for.
  • Post customer testimonies. Everyone loves to read good reviews about a company when they are contemplating using their services or buying their products.

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