Like wine water has terroir and it is a natural product that originates from a particular place with unique properties. That is of course if you drink premium bottled water. About 40% of the bottled water sold in the US is purified tap water and available from brands like Aquafina, Dasani and many others. If it says municipal source on the label it’s not premium water and highly processed.

In most restaurants the choice of water is simple. Tap or bottled. Water from the tap is free, while a plastic bottle of water will set you back a couple dollars.

A luxury hotel in London now has it’s own “water list.” Like a wine list, more than 30 of the world’s most expensive bottled water brands are available. One, 420 Volcanic, goes for almost $30 for half a liter!

Some of their other luxury waters are:

Luxury water looks like it could be a great business to be in. For more information on the niche check out They profile a couple hundred luxury brands.

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