Any Questions?
photo credit: jamuraa

A recent short article was posted on Office Hero Headquarters regarding questions that one should ask themselves when trying to obtain better results. This can pertain to both personal and business life goals, whatever the goal is big or small, always ask yourself the following questions and your sure to acheive better results than before.

What do we really want and what is the value of the overall purpose? You should always start with exactly where you are planning to go and what you ultimately want to end up with after your goal is met, it makes the road to your goal that much easier.

What are the high-leverage activities I need to do everyday to impact my results?

What do i need to do in order to help get everyone else on board with the plan? Yes, first and foremost you are the most important person in line of order, but next are your employees. If you are the only one on board with the current goal and plan on reaching the goal, it doesn’t do you or the company very much good now does it?

Do you have anything to add to the list of questions?

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