Accurate Leads For Your Company

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I am not one who believes in buying peoples information in order to sell them on a service, I have always thought of that as an invasion of one’s privacy. However, I do realize that many businesses use this approach in order to up their sales. The only problem is that how do you know that your getting viable accurate information on these people?

SmallBizTechnologyrecently stated that Jigsaw and Linkded are two great ways to obtain accurate lead information. Stating that Jigsaw and Linkded allows you to link your CRM tools to their server in order to generate an unlimited amount of accurate information.

I find this hard to believe as I have been in a job before that required I use leads, to which when calling them many almost all in fact were the wrong phone number, the person no longer lived there, the person was not interested even though the lead stated they were, etc. People do not always tell the truth when being surveyed, and people do not always change their information when they move or get a new number, so I find it hard to believe that any service out there can provide accurate unlimited lead information.

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