What Your Customers Really Want From You

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In business it is very important to stay on top of everything in your field, your customers, vendors, new items and services etc. But there comes a point in every business person’s life when they must stop and ask themselves what do my customers really want from me? The New York Times recently posted an article explaining what most of your customers actually want from you.

Try being agressive with your customers. In today’s time it is important to hang on to all the customers you can, so if your not sure what they really want from you, then just go out and ask them straight forward. Another great way to find out what they want is to ask the employees that most often take care of your customers.

“They already have (or should have) relationships with customers so it should be easy,” he says. “They’re already in contact with them so it should be convenient. Make it part of their job. Train, motivate and encourage them to have conversations with customers that result in your company knowing more about what your customers want.”

In the end be prepared to possibly be taken back from what your customers truly want. Sometiems they request either very odd things from you, or simply request things that you just can not even comprehend.

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