Remove the lead vocals from a hit song, and you’ve got the makings for karaoke. Erase a lead actor from a popular film, and you’ve got the idea behind Yoostar.

Yoostar is a new technology that includes all the tools consumers need to digitally insert themselves in the place of original lead actors in famous movies and television shows. Included in the system–slated to become available in July–are a studio-grade web cam with built-in dual microphones and remote control, portable green screen, professional stand, and Yoostar software that is PC- and Mac-compatible.

Yoostar’s patented Active Immersion Technology begins by digitally removing original actors from iconic Hollywood scenes, creating clips with roles that need to be filled.

Among the films to be available, for example, are “The Godfather,” “The Terminator” and “Psycho,” thanks to Yoostar’s partnerships with Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Warner Bros., Lions Gate Films, the NBA and “Sesame Street.”

The system will ship with an assortment of such clips featuring 38 different roles, and more will be available for purchase and download from Yoostar’s continuously updated library of film, television and NBA moments.

Once they choose the role they’d like to play, consumers will simply step between the camera and the green screen, get in the character’s position and start filming. They can deliver faithful, on-script performances or choose their own interpretations; the number of takes is unlimited, ensuring that the user gets exactly the performance they want before wrapping the scene.

In addition to recording scenes to their Mac or PC for local viewing, users can also upload and share them on Yoostar’s site, where content is available for viewing, rating and competition. In true social networking fashion, user profiles, communities of friends, and embeddable players and widgets will all be available.

Editor’s Note: You could use this system along with public domain movies and TV shows and create your own movies, parodies, etc. and sell them on DVDs or post to a website and generate revenue through Google Adsense.

Photo by PhotoFun.

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