Improving Employee Morale

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photo credit: Marcus Vegas

In business we all know that happy employees means happy work place which equals productive work place. A Lot of businesses ponder many ideas on improving their employee morale without emptying their wallets in the process. Below are a few ideas that OpenForum had regarding improving employee morale.

Eating lunch with your employees can be a simple and effective way of boosting employee morale suggests Openforum. However, i think there is more to it than that. Every business is operated differently and everyone feels differently about their boss, so this one i think is a touchy step. What if eating lunch with your employees takes away from their venting session’s about their day and makes them feel uncomfortable having you there?

Give a lot of compliments personally and publicly on good work performed. This i have to agree with, this is sure to boost the morale of the employees because everyone loves to hear praise, everyone loves others to know that they are doing well, and often times this public display will encourage others to do well so they receive the same praise.

Be candid about how things are going. If things are going well, be sure your employees are aware of the success.  If things aren’t going well, talk about the problems early on and nip any gossip right in the bud.

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