Fucking MySpace
photo credit: fimoculous

When we think of social networks we think of the plain networking possibilities, the social interaction between two people or between one business and another. However, FastCompany set the record straight when going through the many possibilities of the different social networks.

Take a look at Facebook for example, more than 150 million people populate Facebook from 170 different countries and territories. Now from a sales person’s or a managers point of view, when your dealing with marketing for your company, a place that contains more than 150 million people is definitely where you should be. Imagine the possibilities there.

Myspace is another big attraction that most people think is for kids and teenagers. On the contrary, Myspace is mostly populated of people 27-40 and a good majority of them are moms with numerous sites revolved around moms and shopping updates and tips. Businesses place small ads on Myspace to help boost their revenue to which one company succeeded in boosting their revenue by 200%! That is huge.

So when you think of social networks now, maybe you’ll remember that they are not just for kids and play time, they are a great place to be when in business and searching for new marketing territory.

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