Me back in 1984 with my Commodore Vic 20
photo credit: Extra Ketchup

Many small businesses tend to have problems figuring out where their money should go, supplies, employees, insurance, marketing, etc. Few think about spending money on new technology items such as new computers, they see the older computers that they currently are working with and figure if they aren’t broke…why fix them?

This can be detrimental to the company in the long run. The thing about business is that it is changing along with technology changing and the different threats out there are even changing. Meaning, the older your computer, the less functions it will serve, the less security it will have and the more problems in will encounter.

The fact is that older computers cannot perform as fast as new computers, hence you are missing out on the changes your business needs to make to keep up and THRIVE in our changing, global world. Yes, even in this miserable and frightening economy.

Working with older computers creates more frustration for your employees when they have to deal with the slow speed, more crashes, lost information, smaller capability to hold large files, slower start-up and shut down periods, etc. Why cause more frustration and lost money when you could improve these two things by replacing your old computers with new?

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