Is A Mental Health Day In Order For You?

Vipassana Meditation
photo credit: h.koppdelaney

Many business owners find themselves a few times a year in desperate need of a vacation even if it’s just for one day, they get over stressed, overly tired, worn out and begin to miss the things that matter the most such as family, friends and fun time. However, many of them feel guilty if they step out of their business for even just one day, recently talked about on OpenForum.

I feel that it is really important to mentally and physically step away from your own business, and every time that I have forced myself to do so, I have come back energized, full of new ideas, and not feeling the least bit guilty.

Everyone needs a little down time every now and then, there is nothing to feel guilty about. What good are you really to your business and all of it’s functions if your so stressed, tired and generally worn out that you cant even focus at work? Not taking a “mental health” day for yourself to recharge once in a while could actually prove to be harmful to your company.

You may find yourself snapping at employees or customers, you may make mistakes here and there or bad judgement calls from time to time and so on. Remember that yes your business is important, but the number one thing that is most important is you and your health in and out of the work place.

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