Hiring For Your Growing Company

photo credit: iChaz

Tim Berry recently had a few thoughts on hiring new people for your company during its growing days. Obviously as your company grows bigger you will be in need of some new employees. Many business owners however often have reservations on hiring people and often times don’t even know where to start or look for them.

Many times owners reservations are due to them wondering what kind of an impact the new hire will have on their company. Because lets face it, if you have say only 5 employees than hiring one more has a much larger impact than if you have 100 employees and are hiring one more.

Sometimes you run into somebody who you want involved in the company, and you adjust the job description. For example, one person was hired to do tech support, but ended up as documentation manager.

You can most definitely build your company’s employees by shedding some of YOUR job functions. Think about how many different job functions you have, and then make a list of the ones that you can shed off of your load and hire someone new to take over for you. In the end your company will not only run smoother, but you will gain back a large amount of your own time in the process.

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