Irish Independent:

One of the golden boys of Ireland’s boom-time years, Brody Sweeney, is the latest in a long line of successful entrepreneurs to feel the bite of credit crunch.

The founder of the international O’Brien’s Sandwich Bar franchising operation is experiencing severe difficulties in the UK and will have to take serious action by the end of this week as he struggles to save the once highly-profitable chain of sandwich bars and coffee shops.

The self-made man, who told how he founded the successful sandwich chain in the best-selling book Making Bread and who was a regular on the after-dinner circuit at the height of Ireland’s prosperity, is now struggling to save his business in the UK.

Mr Sweeney, who contested the last election as a Fine Gael candidate, says O’Brien’s in the UK cannot continue trading at the level it is at.

Difficulties have arisen due to the number of his franchise holders who have closed their business — leaving him to pick up the rental bill. Read more.