photo credit: Shooting Nouns

Since Fathers’ Day is upon us this Sunday, here are a few gift ideas for entrepreneurial dad found on Inc.com. And remember, when buying some of these gifts for dad pay attention to the websites. You may discover something that could improve your’s.

  • Netbook. yes we have all seen the commercials on T.V. and read the reviews. While some may find it to be hard to store lots of information on these netbooks, given the right one it can be very useful for your traveling dad.
  • Solar Charger For Gadgets. Just imagine dad on a business trip somewhere, he’s been on the go with meetings all day, wants to call home to say hi to his family but his phone is dead due to not having anywhere to charge it. The solar charger is a great way to get your gadgets charged where there is no plug available to you.
  • Flip Mino HD video camera.

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