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With all of the rising new technology and Internet applications for ones business, many owners are asking themselves why they need these services such as Twitter. Twitter helps run your business smoother in so many different ways that ultimately make your life simpler.

With Twitter you can gain more exposure, and lets face it that is what every business is ultimately looking for, the most exposure they can get for their company.

Generate Leads. There are literally millions of people using Twitter day in and day out…some of them are bound to be interested in what you do.

Twitter can help you build trust with your prospects, the more they interact with you (say on Twitter) the more they will think you are trustworthy. You can expand your network by a great deal, there is such a wide variety of people located on Twitter, imagine all of the new possibilities for prospects.

Your Twitter account can be an awesome testimonial tool. Every customer and potential customer wants to see and read honest to god testimonials regarding who they are about to do business with, it just verifies their decision to do business with you.

For the complete list of reason’s as to why Twitter is beneficial for your business, go to

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