World Wide Web
photo credit: Bull3t

Today in business it is very important to have a business website, one that really speaks highly of you and your company, one that resembles your company well and intrigues the prospects visiting the site. I recently found an article on SmallBizBee with what i think are some really great tips on creating your business website.

Take the guess work out of your links. One of my biggest issues like many others is i will not click a link unless i know exactly where it will take me, so make sure you are clear about where your link will take your prospects.

Don’t over due to color on your website. This isn’t when you were little and anything you made was considered to be a work of art to mom, your followers don’t want to be overloaded by you using every color in the rainbow, it will turn their brains to a spiral mush.

Include Key Words in your homepage content. This is not your web designer’s job, so you can’t blame them for not doing it. Again, they don’t know your business and wouldn’t have the slightest clue what words would make the most sense to include on your homepage. Key Words are those words your users will type in search engines to find you…or your competitors.

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