What do you get when you mix a beauitful deck with an extraordinary company? DECKStraordinaire. You might remember them from a post last week.

DECKStraordinaire is a Michigan-based company that designs and builds decks with flair. They are flexible and adjust to all the needs (and wants) of their customer. Anyone that is interested in the deck business might also find their franchise opportunity to be of some interest.

What separates your decks from the competition?

A DECKStraordinaire deck is a deck of extraordinary beauty. We have proprietary finishing techniques and building methodologies that make each deck (from the smallest to the largest) the highest quality possible. Most importantly, DECKStraordinaire takes the time to help the customer choose materials and plan their deck project so that each one of our decks is fully customized to the customer’s specifications.

What was the inspiration for your business?

A friend of Rob’s from outside the U.S. shared with him what fun he was having building decks and having been recently downsized, Rob decided to try running a deck business for himself.

Why did you decide to start franchising?

The deck business is seasonal in Michigan. A deck cannot be constructed when the ground is frozen, which typically means late November through late March in Michigan. The winter months left us time to think and plan. The winter following year three successful seasons of deck building, we started documenting all the things we had done right and wrong in the previous years. We evaluated all aspects of our business including our sales processes, the utility of the software we had developed and the proprietary sales aids we were using. This analysis showed us that we had a lot to share with others that would enable them to duplicate our success. The next winter, we began compiling our system and writing our manuals in earnest.

Tell us a little about your franchise opportunity.

We are looking to share our success with others! We are dedicated to growing the DECKStraordinaire brand by helping our partners succeed. Our system is comprehensive, our training is personalized and our support is ongoing. We are deck experts, and as such, we are students of the industry and are willing to share this expertise with those who enter into partnership with us.

What are your requirements?

We are looking for honest people who want to learn. Sales and/or marketing background is helpful. No prior building experience is necessary to be a successful DECKStraordinaire franchisee.

How might someone inquire further about your opportunity or apply?

Please contact Patti Tucker or Rob Gainer at (989) 262-8400 (office) or (248) 961-0261 (cell) Email inquiries may be directed to info @ decks.ag.

Did you always imagine that you would find yourself in the deck business?

The idea of being part of a custom deck business never crossed either of our minds. Rob’s background was in sales and Patti was a business executive. Neither of us had ever built anything! Rob started his deck company in 2004 after having been part of a downsizing of sales force at the large company he worked for. After getting his builder’s license, he hired builders to build the decks he sold and putting his sales and marketing background to work he almost immediately had a full season of decks on the books. Rob invited Patti to join his growing company and invested the time to teach her about the deck business and sales. Together, we built a successful business that continued to grow and thrive year after year, despite the ongoing economic recession. We found that honesty, a great product and dedication to customer satisfaction are keys to continual growth and success as well as being rewards onto themselves.

Are you happy with the way things have worked out?

I have never done anything in my life that I find as fulfilling as running our own deck company! It is a business that combines the joy of creating something beautiful, with the competition of sales and the challenges of project management– with the ultimate reward of seeing the joy of the customer in the finished product! It is an incredibly fulfilling experience!

After going through the planning, building, launch, and franchising of your business, what lessons has it taught you?

That to do this right, and by right, I mean being willing to share the culmination of years of effort and hard work with others requires a lot of hard work. It is a true exercise in generosity to set a goal to help others and then to spend each day focused on how you can best accomplish that.

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