Successful Email Marketing

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photo credit: Mzelle Biscotte

Email marketing is all about customer retention. It’s about building stronger relationships with customers who already know you and decided that, yes, they want to keep hearing from you. They want to stay up to date on what you’re doing, they want to hear about new products, they want to hear about hot deals, etc.

Put yourself in your customers place, think about what your customer wants and needs. This can be accomplished by thinking about what you yourself wants and needs as a customer, that will at least give you a rough idea of their wants and needs, as stated on Small Biz Trends.

Always make sure that your subject line is a unique and attention getting subject line. Often times if something in the subject doesn’t strike their interest it gets automatically deleted. Look for a great template to use. Your email should speak to your readers including the way it looks and what it reads, so choose something unique and interesting to help catch their eye to the email.

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