PeoplePond understands the networking individual. Through SEO (search engine optimization), they help their members take better control of their online identities. They help train search engines to rank the most relevant information higher in the search while also guiding prospects to a place where they can find all the information they need about you, instead of the bits and pieces that they might find around the web. If you ever needed one place to control all of your virtual identities, this is the place to do it.

Tell us a little about PeoplePond.

People have been told to create lots of content across the Internet in order to improve their chances of reaching their best prospects. What has been discovered from this is that prospects will locate a part of someone’s online identity but will not know that there is much more in the other locations. PeoplePond increases the visibility of each location while also serving as a central online identity hub that not only trains the search engines to promote the right content but also serves as a great landing page to link to that exposes prospects to the entire online identity. In short, PeoplePond provides a boost to one’s personal SEO, and identifies their entire online identity to visitors.

Additionally, increased exposure is enabled by increased visibility in search engines, distribution of the PeoplePond profile information using blogging platform plugins, Facebook applications and the free and open ADAM API.

What does one of your profile pages do for the user?

The PeoplePond profile is designed from the ground up to give the owner complete control over associating their online identity with relevant topics, terms, industries, etc. This in turn will train the search engines to rank higher the locations which make up their online identity when people search for them.

Additionally there is the opportunity on the profile page for visitors to reach out to the author and request their contact information.

How much does your service cost?

PeoplePond is currently offering free profile page hosting and the “Bubbling to the Top” SEO package. This package enables all the needed search engine optimization (SEO) capabilities and tools of the PeoplePond profile while also eliminating any advertising for visitors. This package is an annual subscription service for only $36 USD per year.

Some people have struggled to compose what they see as the best “About Me” biography for their profile. For them we offer two services. For only $99 USD, we can write a professional and SEO optimized biography for them or for only $49 USD we can proof and edit one they provide.

There is another item available on our additional services menu which no one purchased yet. For only $3 USD we offer verbal abuse. I don’t know why that hasn’t caught on as well as the other services 😉

What separates you from the competition?

There are companies which each offer a part of what we do but there is no one that we know of who is offering everything harmonized into a single service. Our company is uniquely equipped to be the first to accomplish this since they are the same people who created PRWeb, the first online press release company that revolutionized that industry. PeoplePond will soon be revolutionizing how people treat and develop personal brands.

Approximately how many members do you have?

We still have a lot of growing to do. We are not heavily promoting PeoplePond yet since there are still some capabilities we want to roll out first. Probably the most important of these can already be seen on the profile page. Identity verification will soon be available to PeoplePond users. It will enable them to prove that they are who they say they are and also that they control the Web sites in their online identity. Given the ease with how someone can quickly and easily hijack another’s online identity and ruin their brand, this will provide brand holders a means of providing bona fide authentication of their online assets.

What is your growth rate?

Our approach is to maintain manageable growth as we work through bugs and continue to develop our feature offerings. At our launch at SXSW in March of this year, we learned that we were right on target with our service offerings and we continue to pay especially close attention to customer feedback going forward during this early phase in our product’s release into the wild.

How long did it take to build PeoplePond from idea to launch?

PeoplePond has been in development for the last 10 months but has been in the concept stage for much longer. The idea had been churning in its founder’s, David McInnis, head for quite a while. He is also the founder of PRWeb and sold that company to Vocusâ„¢ a couple years back. David is accomplishing the same type of goal here, pointing all this SEO knowledge and technology directly at the users’ personal brands.

What goals would you like to reach over the next year or so?

We have learned to be patient and not rush development, preferring to do it right, rather than first. We have a number of features and additional distribution channels we are planning to build into PeoplePond in the near future. There are also opportunities to take this outward to provide additional visibility in specific verticals. We’ll see where the market takes us.

What are some of the lessons you can take from aiding in the creation this service?

I have learned many things in my short but intense history in building startup web companies. Several primary things are culture, availability and liberation.

One of my friends recently visited PeoplePond’s offices and noted, “you are all like a family.” We do maintain this attitude in our work environment by combining play and work in the office. I relate it to my experiences with mountaineering; when on a rope team you only move as fast as your slowest member and everyone is critical to the success and safety of the whole team.

This extends outward towards our clients as well. Some of the earliest adopters came onboard when we had some bugs on the website. Yet they stuck with us purely for the fact that we responded to their problems, letting them be part of the solution.

Finally, a person must feel liberated to be what they want to be on a service like PeoplePond, we give our customers a blank palette to build their own persona, wrapping content around them that best suits them. Whether it is a web designer looking for work online or a master violin builder looking for a powerful way to reach a bigger audience, PeoplePond is the place to be.

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