Knowing Your Target Market

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photo credit: dustinj

Everyone in business knows that you have a certain demographic or market that you target your products and services towards. There are several different markets that a business owner can target towards depending on what they are offering. recently posted an article regarding your many different markets.

Obviously with all of the new age technology you have your Generation I which is the Internet market. Demographic theories and testing are still new in this market, however, the good thing is that this entire market was born during the Internet move.

Boomers were once a generation that was forgotten about when they turned a certain age. This group is rapidly coming back into the market and needs to be addressed as they spend $400 billion more every year than any other generation to look at.

The Greatest Generation
Born between 1909 and 1945, today’s octogenarian has seen it all when it comes to advertising, resulting in a particularly savvy consumer segment. They are more careful about whom they do business with, and they want to know more about your business before they choose to patronize it.

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