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Women entrepreneurs are a fast growing sector of business, as they move into new businesses everywhere and even are moving into innovation more and more. So how do they prioritize what is important with everything else that they tackle during their day? OpenForum posted a very interesting article regarding how women entrepreneurs boost their productivity in their business life.

As mentioned above, it is important to prioritize your “to do” list. List them as what you have to do, what you should do  and what would be nice to do.

Delegate as much of it out to someone as you can. If the “to do” is not actually making you direct money, then delegate for someone else to handle for you. Get up early in the morning to start off on the right foot for the day. Set up a morning routine that work’s best for getting you into the zone.

The number one thing women entrepreneurs do to boost productivity is… focus on one thing at a time. Although women are known to be exceptional multi-taskers, those surveyed said they were able to get more done when they focused on one thing at a time.

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