Unleashing Your Employees Creativity

Phoebe, when she first found us
photo credit: EraPhernalia Vintage (somewhat busy)

As managers and owners of companies, we all look for new way’s and inspiring ways to help our employees unleash their creativity side within boundaries of course, which can be difficult at times. Below are some tips on how to help unleash your employees creativity sides located on Inc.com.

Try making brainstorming a mandatory thing. It is up to you to encourage the brainstorming that goes on within your company, which can be accomplished by holding weekly or monthly meetings that require everyone’s participates.

Make the creativity fun for them. Set up some sort of a little contest with very few and simple rules that includes a prize to go to the most creative person at the end of a set time frame. Remind everyone this is a fun exercise for everyone and by no means a fight to the death competition.

At the culmination of a company brainstorming session, you are bound to have a number of ideas, some good and some bad. Feedback is essential in order to build a culture of employee creativity that lasts beyond this one meeting.

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