Words That Dont Work In Ads

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Very good reminder here about the way words get diluted, and then useless. In my early days in the PC industry all software was supposedly “user friendly.” And that phrase ended up mocking, humorous, a caricature of hype.

I read a recent post by Tim Berry that listed five words that just don’t work in ads anymore today that i had to agree with fully. Quality, Value, Service and Caring are the first four words that were mentioned as dead words to use. When you think about it, it makes a lot of sense on how these words wouldn’t work.

Everyone has their own idea in their heads of value, quality, service and caring, so what you may think fits these four words someone else may not agree with you.

The final word mentioned is Integrity, and with a point blank reason, either you have integrity or you don’t. Either your business is well known as a trusted company or it isn’t. There’s no in between with this word, and advertising in an ad that you have this even when you don’t will not make it come true.

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