Assetize: Buy & Sell Online Accounts

As millions of people join services like Facebook, Twitter, FriendFeed, Gmail… etc, good account names are becoming a rare commodity, and it certainly true that the right name on account can attract more followers and add value to online presence.

Some people are already buying and selling their online accounts just like domain names, and Assetize helps them with that. It acts as online marketplace where users can buy and sell online accounts.

The site currently allows to buy and sell online accounts of following services: Blogger, Facebook, Friendfeed, Gmail, Google Groups, Ning, Twitter, WordPress and Yahoo.

The process is similar to many other online auctions, users register and then list to sell items or browse listings of others to buy them. Buying and listing online accounts is free, the seller pays a certain fee only when the account is sold.

Photo by Assetize.

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