Hiring The Right Person

these are the requirements...
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Many managers and business owners today find hiring new people to be more of a hassle than they have time for. With so many out of work people at the moment, one ad in the paper brings in a ton of people wanting that ONE job for themselves. So to help out the managers and owners, below are a few tips on hiring new people that i read about recently on Entrepreneur.com.

Always make sure to define your requirements as carefully and clear as you can. If your too broad and general than you could end up having to interview several non qualified people. Weed through the applicants and find the ones who have a long standing track record within whatever company or companies they worked for.

It’s still about the passive seekers. I personally recently hired a VP of Marketing for my company, but when I first came across him, he was already installed at another company. I courted him for months, persuaded him and eventually he came to work for me.

In the end always make sure that you are not settling in order to have the hassle be over with. It may be a challenging task in hiring someone new, but stick it out and make sure you find your company the absolute best out of everyone that applies for the job.

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