Managing Customer Reviews

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In business one of the things that needs some attention often is that of customer reviews. While this may not be every one’s favorite part of their job, it is a part of their job that will always be there. I recently found some helpful tips on managing your companies reviews located on Small Business Trends.

First things first, you have to know where the customers are leaving their reviews about your company. Try looking for the reviews in search engines such as Yelp, Google, City search and Yahoo local search. Write a few thank yous to the people leaving you exceptional reviews, this will encourage more feedback for you in the future.

If you happen to receive a bad review, take a step back, breathe deep and calm down. Every company is going to get a bad review once in a while, it is not avoidable, you can’t please EVERYONE.

Address the complaint. Calmly: Apologize for their bad experience, invite them back for another go and restate your commitment to making things right. It will very often appease the angry reviewer, but more than that, it shows anyone else who stumbles upon that review that you care.

In the end, always make sure that you take the high road when dealing with a bad review. Never respond in a negative manner, this only worsens the situation and potentially makes it a bigger deal than it needs to be.

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