Niche Biz: Ficklets

For most kids, wearing eyeglasses for the first time can be a traumatic and unpleasant experience.

Further adding to their anxiety is the limited selection of frames available for today’s youngsters in the marketplace; the frames are basic, standard, uninteresting, bland and lack personality, and leave very little to the imagination.

As any stylish mom knows, plain and ordinary is just not an option, and for kids and ‘tweens, the “cool” factor is a must in any accessory.

Introducing Ficklets. No more boring, cookie cutter frames. Ficklets offers a more customized, versatile and unique look, fusing function and fashion.

More importantly, Ficklets can help make the transition for the novice eyeglass wearer a more positive and enjoyable experience.

Ficklets are interchangeable eyewear charms, easy to attach and remove, giving you “eye-popping” options to mix-and-match depending on your interest, outfit or mood.

Ficklets was founded and created by Ros Guerrero, a mother and an entrepenuer. Ros is the mother of a 13-year old beautiful “special needs” little girl and decided to start Ficklets as a way to add color, fun, and personality to her daughter’s eyewear. She also wanted to find an inexpensive way to update the look of her daughter’s glasses without having to change the actual eyeglass frames often.

Photo by Ficklets.

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