The Tri-City News:

Women are flying to space and can attain great heights in business, government, the arts and sports. But for many, there is still cleaning to do when they get home because nobody has yet invented self-scrubbing floors, sinks and shower doors.

A Coquitlam woman thinks she’s as close as she’ll ever be to the answer to this problem and she’s sharing the news with everyone she meets.

Tracey Whitmore is a Norwex consultant who recently discovered the company’s fine microfibre cloths that clean without chemicals. At a family-oriented trade show at Coquitlam’s Executive Inn last spring, Whitmore listened to a consultant’s pitch about Norwex microfibre cloths. She couldn’t believe what she was hearing.

She bought one on spec but was almost afraid to use it for fear of being disappointed. Gingerly she rubbed the scrap of fabric around the taps and the bottom of her bathroom sink and was awestruck.

All that gooey stuff — the soap scum and the stains — disappeared with nothing more than a gentle swipe. No more harsh chemicals, no more headaches from cleaning products, Whitmore said she was amazed.

It was cleaning Nirvana. “I was floored,” she recalled.

A year later and Whitmore is well on her way to making Norwex a household name in the Tri-Cities.

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