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photo credit: eyesplash Mikul

Some small business owners, especially those that live in relatively small towns as well wonder if they would even benefit at all from using Twitter. Given it is such a huge and well known program on the Internet today, they wonder if their small business would even pick up on its radar.

Businesses of all sizes are sharing impressive results. Dell announced it has made $3 million worth of sales through its Twitter efforts. Even small businesses in big cities have started benefiting. Small bakeries can now buy an oven-gadget that automatically announces when fresh baked goods are available.

Even in small towns, people do have Internet or access somewhere to the Internet, and with the Internet becoming bigger everyday they all are beginning to use it for searching, shopping and more. You already have some fans for your business in your town, make your business more available to them in more ways by signing up with Twitter.

Also, don’t forget about the people who may live just outside of your town but still within a reasonable driving distance and may not realize you exist until they see you on the Internet. And don’t forget about the out of towners that travel all over and usually do research on the town they will be staying in, recently stated in a post on Small Biz Survival.

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