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Imagine getting new clients all the time using old work you’ve done in the past. How easy would that be? Wouldn’t it be nice? You can do just that — by having a great portfolio, located on Men With Pens.

In business it is true that you need to show off in order to obtain new clients. This is where you show off your credentials, your past work, references on past jobs you have done, past places you have worked with a outstanding track record, and more.

Notice the main word above, “past”. That’s right, all of your old work, jobs and references put into one very nice looking and well written portfolio and you have yourself some new impressed clients with all of your older work. It’s the same thing as a resume when you go on a job interview. Your showing the employer examples of all older jobs, older references and work you have done.

In your portfolio, always remember to keep it short and sweet. You don’t want to overload them with a 30 page portfolio with every single little small detail there is to know about you. The main points that you do cover and main statements that you make in your portfolio, make sure you have following information to back them up.

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